Start Smart Checklist

Start Smart Checklist

The following checklist will help you setup your QuickBooks Online Company in preparation to connect it to your weintegrate account. You will want to go through this checklist before connecting your QuickBooks Online Company to weintegrate, however if you’ve already connected your QuickBooks Company to weintegrate prior to any of the following being setup correctly, simply Disconnect your QBO Company from weintegrate, make the updates in QBO, and reconnect your QBO Company back to weintegrate (Learn more about: Managing Your QuickBooks Online Connection)

Things to Consider Before Setup

Before you setup QuickBooks Online to properly integrate with your Shopify store(s), you will want to think about how you how you will manage your customers, products, locations, taxes and shipping. In particular, you will want to think about how you will answer the following questions:

  1. Do I want to load all my unique customers from Shopify in QBO, or do I just want all sales to load into a single bulk customer?
  2. If I decide to track customer details into QBO from Shopify, how do I want to match customers from Shopify with Customers from QBO (e.g. email to email, email to customer, phone to phone, etc)?
  3. Do I want to load all my unique products from Shopify in QBO and track inventory, or do I just want all sales to load into a single bulk product? (note that Simple Start and Essentials version of QBO do not support inventory tracking therefore you may only load into a single bulk product)
  4. If I decide to load all product details into QBO from Shopify, how do I want to match products from Shopify with products from QBO (e.g. sku, sku + variants, product name)?
  5. Do you need to charge tax on shipping fees or exclude tax on shipping fees?
  6. Do I need to manage or prepare for economic nexus for taxes?
  7. Do you have a corporate address as well as a separate shipping address, which may require physical nexus tax reporting?
  8. Have I setup QuickBooks Online properly to understand the difference between my primary shipping location and my customer facing address?

Setting Up Your QuickBooks Online Company

Please review the following in your QBO Company and update accordingly, prior to connecting to weintegrate.

Account and Settings:

The following can be found in the Account and settings section of your QuickBooks Online Company, and should be setup properly before connecting your QBO Company to your weintegrate account:

Customers and Products:

It is required that there be at least 1 customer and 1 product setup in QBO prior to connecting to your weintegrate account. If you plan to load all customer details and product details in QuickBooks Online, you can either make sure an actual customer and actual product are added to QBO, or you may add a fiction version of either simply to meet this requirement.

If you are loading your customers or products into a single bulk customer or bulk product respectively, this is the step you will want to create these, which is covered in the following guidelines. Additional product setup requirements for Gift Cards and a Product for when Shopify returns do not contain an item can also be found here:

(Add at least 1 Customer to QuickBooks Online Before Connecting to We Integrate)

(Add at least 1 Product to QuickBooks Online Before Connecting to We Integrate)

(Create a Product in QBO for Mapping Gift Cards from Shopify)

(Create a Product in QBO for No Item Refunds)


You are required to enable and setup sales taxes in QuicBooks Online, prior to connecting to weintegrate. This includes enabling sales tax in QBO if not yet enabled, and making sure your addresses are setup correctly for managing Nexus as applicable. Please review the following guidelines and setup your QBO sales taxes accordingly (Please make sure to speak with your tax advisor before proceeding):

(How to Enable Taxes in QuickBooks Online)

(What is Tax Nexus and How Does it Impact Me?)

(Setting Addresses in QuickBooks Online for Physical Nexus)

Setup weintegrate:

Once you have completed setting up QuickBooks Online and have given consideration to how you want to map data from Shopify to your QBO Company, you are ready to proceed with connecting your QBO Company and Shopify store to weintegrate!

To learn more about the initial Setup Wizard of weintegrate: