Connect Your First Shopify Store Using the WeIntegrate Wizard

Connecting your first Shopify store to weintegrate is quick and easy, and must be done via Step 1 of the Configuration Setup Wizard located at the top right corner on your dashboard.

To proceed with connecting your Shopify store, click on the Shopify logo to select this channel and then click the Step 1: Enter Credentials button.

Enter your Shopify store name into the Store Domain textbox and click the Step 1: Connect Your Store button. Note that Shopify may ask you to enter your login credentials as well.

The system will display a message advising that it’s in the process of finishing your connection. Once successfully completed, the following screen will be displayed.

Congratulations, your Shopify store is now connected to weintegrate! Note: that the actual status shown is ‘verified’, which means your your store is technically connected to weintegrate, orders will not start integrating until you finish the entire Setup Wizard, inclusive of all defaults and matching settings.

To complete the initial setup and start having your Shopify orders importing into QuickBooks Online, make sure to complete the remaining 5 steps of the Wizard.

Click here to learn about Step 2 of the Wizard - Connecting Shopify to QuickBooks Online.