Enable Store Connection Item Matching to Unique Items in QuickBooks Online

There are 2 primary options available when setting up Item Matching for your Store Connections:

  • Manage unique items in QuickBooks Online
  • Bulk load all sales into a single item in QuickBooks Online

While on the Item Matching tab of your Store Connection, you may be restricted from selecting the Manage unique items in QuickBooks Online option. If this occurs, it means that your current version of QuickBooks Online either has inventory disabled, or you are using a version of QBO that does not support inventory.

In order to select the Manage unique items in Quickbooks Online option in weintegrate and track Sales Receipts in QBO for individual items and inventory, please ensure the following:

  1. The QuickBooks Online version you use is either Plus or Advanced, which are the versions of QBO that support inventory (note: if you are using Simple Start or Essentials, you will need to upgrade in order to support inventory and map unique items on Sales Receipts)

  2. Once using QBO Plus or Advanced, turn inventory on in QBO via Account and Settings
    click here for more about turning on inventory in QuickBooks Online

How to Update weintegrate in order to map unique items and inventory:

After turning on inventory in your QuickBooks Online company, you will need to refresh your QBO Connection and related settings in weintegrate to be able to map unique items and inventory from Shopify to your QBO Sales Receipts.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Disconnect QuickBooks Online from weintegrate by clicking the Disconnect from QuickBooks link of the QBO Connection in your weintegrate account
    learn how to disconnect QuickBooks

  2. Click the Connect to QuickBooks button in weintegrate and proceed with the steps to connect QBO to weintegrate
    learn how to connect QuickBooks

  3. Update your Sales and Refund settings
    learn how to set sales defaults
    learn how to set refund defaults

  4. Update the Edit Settings link for each Store Connection to set Customer and Item Matching
    learn how to set customer matching
    learn how to set item matching

Note that when you get to the Item Matching tab of your Store Connection(s), if your QBO inventory is properly enabled, you will now be able to select the Manage unique items in QuickBooks Online option.