Your Dashboard - The Notifications Section

The Notifications section of your Dashboard is designed to present you with additional alerts regarding the operations of your weintegrate account. In the current version of the application, you will see 1 help link and 1 notification:

Click here to Share your Feedback

This link is designed to be easy access for sharing your ideas with us, providing feedback, and reporting issues. If you need immediate assistance and support, you should instead contact us here for customer support.

Documents have Not synchronized with QBO

This notification will tally up the number of orders that have not been able to sync with QuickBooks Online (QBO). Hopefully this number will show zero, however should you find that there are in fact documents that have not been able to synchronize with QBO, please contact our support team for further assistance.

Click here to learn about setting the Your Dashboard - Share Your Feedback account default for integrating with QuickBooks Online.