Override Accounting Ship From with Sales Channel Ship From (and Store Location) - General Settings

Note that for POS Integration, the following reference to Ship From addresse applies to the Store Location address in your Accounting app instead.

By default, weintegrate is set to automatically use the Ship From address from your eCommerce platform (e.g. Shopify) when creating sales and refunds in your Accounting app (e.g. QuickBooks Online). Ensuring that the Ship From location on sales and refunds in your Accounting app match your eCommerce platform is important when managing physical and economic tax nexus.

You may however have circumstances that make it more beneficial to allow your Accounting app to use its own method for defaulting the Ship From address. Please consult your accounting professional prior to making any adjustments.

If you elect to disable this option, note that there is the potential that the Ship From on your sales and refunds in your Accounting app may cause incorrect management of your tax nexus.

To disable the automatic override of ship from on accounting transactions with the sales tax from your sales channels, simply click the corresponding checkbox to the left, which will cause the option to be unchecked, and click the blue [Save] button.

To enable again, simply click the empty checkbox to the left, the checkmark will display, and click the blue [Save] button.

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